Going Ultra

I’m officially one of those crazy people. I’m going to do an ultra-marathon.

It didn’t happen overnight. First, back in 2007 I decided to do an Ironman race (still haven’t, but that’s still the goal), so I got into triathlon. Then I figured I should do some running races to aid with triathlon, so I did a half marathon, then a full marathon, and just finished my second marathon. But in training for my second marathon I got into trail running, which I like quite a bit better than running on asphalt. And after doing a 20-mile run in the mountains I thought “A marathon is only 6 miles more than what I just did, and this wasn’t that bad, and who wants to run on asphalt?” So I figured doing ultras was next. Longer distances, on trails, better views, less wear and tear on the body, it all sounded good.

I also had some inspiration from friends. When I was first getting into triathlon back in ’07 I only personally knew one guy who had ever run a 100-miler, Shaun Christian of T3 Triathlon. But he was in super good shape, beyond anything I ever hoped to achieve. Then a guy moved into my neighborhood who also did 100-milers. But he was super thin and ran a ton and it seemed a bit too much. Once again, he was one of those crazy people I could never hope to be. But then another guy in my neighborhood just ran a 100-miler, and I’ve known him since before he ever did anything over a marathon, so that’s when I suddenly thought “Wait a second…if he can do a 100-miler, why can’t I?” Granted, that guy is also in much better shape than I am, but it was enough to get me thinking about doing a 50K. But then I thought “That’s hardly more than a marathon” and so I started researching 50-milers. I ran into this article¬†and that was it, my fate was sealed.

So keep paying attention to this space and you can see whether I’ve got what it takes or not. C’mon knees, don’t let me down.