TriHive – Triathlon Magazine Covering Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming

The “about” page on TriHive’s own website says it all, but I just want to give my own plug for the magazine, which only appears to be growing in popularity and which is a great resources for all things related to triathlons, triathletes, and Ironman events in Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming.

Established in the Fall of 2005, TriHive, LLC was established to unite the Utah triathlon community. A natural evolution began as TriHive began covering events both north and south of the Utah border. In the winter of ‘07-’08, TriHive began “official” coverage of triathlon in Idaho, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming. TriHive’s mission is to bring intermountain triathlon into the homes of multisport athletes, and to share the healthy lifestyle of triathlon to readers throughout the nation. We also aim to inform triathletes of one of the regions fastest growing sports and to share endurance event information throughout the sports community. TriHive offers race coverage, athlete profiles, product reviews and news to thousands of triathletes region wide.

Our staff of local triathletes maintains a personal connection to the sport and to TriHive readers. TriHive will present information to help athletes train and race for the demanding three-sport that make up triathlon. Finally, we hope to open the door to new athletes. TriHive hopes to show our regions triathlon community to residents throughout the west, and we hope to welcome beginners into the sport. We aim to arm them with valuable triathlon information specific to becoming endurance sport junkies.

  • C Dirksen

    Are there any Ironman Triathlons in Wyoming?

  • http://Highmountainfitness.com Chantel Bowen

    We currently do not have an Ironman Triathlon. This year however we just started the WY Multisport Challenge Series with 8 events currently. We are hoping for 2 more events to sign up. Checkout the triathlon tab on highmountainfitness.com for more details. Hope this helps.

  • Jared

    The link isn’t working. Is Trihive still around? How do I subscribe?

  • Joshua

    They’re gone, sort of. Part of the mag was folded into a new magazine called Rocky Mountain Running.

  • http://www.triedge.net TeKoi

    Check out http://www.triedge.net for more things Utah!

  • http://www.triedge.net TeKoi Smith

    Better yet, just still go to http://www.trihive.com. It’ll all be fine….