Skullcandy Earbuds

I asked you which earbuds were best for running, and you answered. Well, at least four of you did, and three of you suggested Skull Candy’s earbuds, so that’s what I got. I found the cheapest pair I could (shown at right) and ran for the first time with them today. I’m not sure where I stand with them. I like the long cord, whereas the iPod earbuds I had before had a shorter cord that was frequently pulling the buds out of my ears. I also like that the earbuds seem to stay pretty well stuck in my ears. But I also liked the low profile of the iPod earbuds. These feel like they’re sticking way out of my ears. Maybe it will just take a little getting used to.

Anyway, this isn’t much of a review because I can only compare them to one other pair of earbuds, since I’ve only had one pair before. Are they better than the iPod buds? Yep, definitely. Are they better than anything else out there? I have no clue, but they aren’t bad.