Pulled Hamstring Treatment

1. Rest – Tell your wife you’ve got to lay on the couch and watch TV for the next two weeks.

2. Ice Cream – Get several pints of Ben & Jerry’s. Apply one pint for 15 minutes to the affected area. Once the ice cream has softened up a bit, eat it. Repeat this 2-3 times per day.

3. Compression – I’m wearing some snug jeans right now.

4. Elevation – I live in Utah, so I think I’m all good on this one.

By the way, if you were looking for real information on how to treat a pulled hamstring, you’ve come to the wrong place.

Ugh, yeah. I’ve got a pulled hamstring. Or maybe it’s just strained. I don’t know enough about this injury to know for sure. I mean, I know it’s not that bad because I can walk and I don’t have a huge bruise on my leg or anything like that. I don’t feel any pain unless I’m using my hamstring, but when I use it I can definitely feel it. I can still run with it as it is and it’s not that bad, actually. It mostly hurts around the house when I lean over. Still, with the countdown at less than a month until I start my marathon training I don’t want to take any chances so I’m taking a week off of running this week, and I might take next week off too.

Of course I’m still skateboarding, which may not be the best idea. Yesterday I went to a skatepark and was trying a trick that made my hamstring hurt like crazy every time I did it. I think I’ll stay away from that trick until after the marathon. But I was actually pretty fine with everything else.

I’m 99% sure the injury was caused by sprinting. You see, I haven’t sprinted since…well, let’s see…maybe 20 years ago? Sure, I’ve been “running” for over a year now, but we’re talking about a decent job, not a full out run. So one day I’m out on the trail and I thought “Hey, they say you’re supposed to do sprints to help with long distance training, so let’s try running real fast.” So I did, and although it didn’t hurt immediately, I’m pretty sure I can track it back to that day.

It’s my left hamstring, by the way. My right quad was also hurting last week. So all in all, my body is falling apart. Or I’m just pushing it too hard. Probably the latter, given the unexpected sprinting I surprised my body with. So a week or two of rest, some Aleve, and we’ll see where I’m at.

  • Joel


    I should have preached some of what I am a firm believer in. I’m completely sold on the low heart rate training. It is a great way to safely build up mileage without getting hurt. You already have the Garmin so you are good to go equipment-wise.

    Here is a brief synopsis of the training (by one of your people, Ironman winner Mark Allen):


    Anyway, if you are interested, I have more info I can share. It sounds goofy but it give it a chance.


  • Te Koi Smith

    Mark Allen. Isn’t he like, some huge name in the triathlon world or something? I would listen to what he has to say fo’ sho!