All about my experiences with running, the most basic of the triathlon disciplines and my worst event by far. I’m a decent swimmer and biker, but when it comes to running there’s a lot of room for improvement.


Addicted to Trail Running

Yes, I’m becoming addicted to trail running. The interesting thing about the journey my life has taken since I did my first triathlon back in ’07 is that I keep looking at certain things and thinking “I’m never going to do that, that’s crazy” and then the next thing you know I’m doing it and […]


Zoot Ultra Race 2.0 Running Shoes

I wish I didn’t like these shoes so much, because I think they’re ugly as sin. Since August of last year, I have been training and racing in Zoot’s Ultra Race 2.0 running shoes. I have done sprint and olympic distance triathlons in my first pair, and I just completed my first-ever marathon wearing my […]


Barefoot Running Shoes

I’m amazed how I can go from not knowing something exists to knowing I can’t exist without that something within a few weeks. Such is the case as I’ve talked with friends and read articles surrounding the concept of barefoot running. Actually, the first time I heard of this was a few years ago, before […]


Skullcandy Earbuds

I asked you which earbuds were best for running, and you answered. Well, at least four of you did, and three of you suggested Skull Candy’s earbuds, so that’s what I got. I found the cheapest pair I could (shown at right) and ran for the first time with them today. I’m not sure where […]


What are the Best Earbuds for Running?

The earbuds that came with my iPod died yesterday. The plastic covering over the copper wire had broken several months ago, and I’ve always had issues with the earbuds falling out of my ears from the jolting of running, but it wasn’t enough for me to take the trouble of looking around for new ones. […]


Stay on Your Toes

As I was starting my training with my coach, he sent me this message: Cadence and rpm are used throughout your training plan. How many right (or left) foot strikes are there in 60 seconds? The goal for a triathlete is 90 per minute per foot (or ~22 in 15 seconds = ~90 per minute) […]


What’s a brick?

Nobody is born doing triathlons, and so most of us remember hearing someone say “I’m going to do a brick tomorrow” and thinking “Wha…?” But of course we’re too embarrassed to ask “What’s a brick?” and so we go on the Internets and use the Google to try and figure it out. Well, here you […]


Salt Lake City Marathon

Today was the Salt Lake City Marathon, which also included half-marathon and 5K events. As you can see from the above photo, I did pretty well, finishing just a few steps behind the 1st place finisher of the marathon. He came up so fast I didn’t notice him, otherwise I could have sprinted and perhaps […]


Which Marathon Should I Run?

I’ll be doing a half-marathon April 18th, 2009 in Salt Lake City, Utah. The next event for me will be a full marathon, but which one? The next feasible marathon would be the Utah Valley marathon, June 13th, but that gives me less than two months of training to get from 13.1 miles to 26.2. […]


Half-Marathon, April 18th, Salt Lake City, Utah

Now that my back has healed, or is at least healing, I’m in full training mode for the half-marathon April 18th, 2009, in Salt Lake City, Utah. This was supposed to be my first full marathon, but my disc injury took away 1-2 months of my training and made it impossible. I’m actually lucky to […]


14-week Marathon Training Plan?

Whatever my injury started out as, it definitely appears to be irritation of the sciatic nerve at the moment. It seems to be recovering quickly now that I’m back from Christmas vacation, which involved a lot of driving which seemed to irritate it a lot more, so I don’t think I’ve got a disc injury, […]


I’m not running

I was supposed to start my marathon training on Monday, but I didn’t. My hamstring has still been hurting quite a bit. Sharp, shooting pain from the top of my left buttock down to my knee. Yesterday I did a lot of stretching and I must admit it hurt a lot less today. I’ll do […]


Pulled Hamstring Treatment

1. Rest – Tell your wife you’ve got to lay on the couch and watch TV for the next two weeks. 2. Ice Cream – Get several pints of Ben & Jerry’s. Apply one pint for 15 minutes to the affected area. Once the ice cream has softened up a bit, eat it. Repeat this […]


My Marathon Training Plan

I’ve never been much for following a plan. In training for my half-Ironman I just went out and biked longer than I had biked before, ran farther than I had run before, and swam farther than I had swam before. I just kept increasing the distances, and tried to go at a reasonable pace–not too […]