Weight Training

I started doing focused weight training today. Up until today, I was just doing “stuff”. Now I’m actually doing stuff according to my coach’s instructions and the Triathlete’s Training Bible. Here’s the workout I’m currently doing:

1. Leg press – “This is the #1 strength training exercise. 3 sets of 20-30 reps, embarrassing low weights for the first 2-3 sessions.” – My Coach. I guess I can see how that would be the case, since it works the main muscle groups that you use while biking and running.

2. Seated row – I think this one helps with swimming, at least I hope it does. I can’t see how it would help with running or biking.

3. Abdominal with twist (except I missed this one today, my gym doesn’t have any good ab benches, I guess I’ll just use the floor and a mat next time). I’m guessing this one is just good for strengthening your core.

4. Hamstring curl. Running and biking again.

5. Standing, bent-arm lat pull-down. I know this one helps with swimming if you do it the right way because it mimics your stroke, plus the TT Bible told me so.

  • Darrell Burns

    There are a couple of machines that are good for the abdominal twist, if it’s what I think it is. I’ll have to show you on Wednesday.

  • Joshua

    It’s not just twisting, but doing a crunch and twisting at the same time. If there’s a machine that does that at the gym let me know.