Triathlon Race Management Pet Peeves

This is not the pet peeves that race management has, but rather pet peeves I have about race management.

1. Not listing the price of the event anywhere on the website. I’m not going to name names at the moment, but I’m trying to find out how much a certain triathlon here in Utah costs, and it is nowhere on the website, and the online registration system they are using doesn’t display the price either. Maybe it displays the price at the end, but only after you fill out a bunch of information. Just tell me how much the freakin’ event costs already! It’s not that hard, just look at how US Trisports does it. Easy, right?

Well, I only have that one pet peeve right now, maybe I’ll add more to the list later. I just had to gripe about this one while I was in the middle of it.

  • Greg

    Hey Josh, I have a few more to add . . .
    1) Not enough aid stations on the course. Example: I was doing an Olympic distance tri in Georgia in August (the heat and humidity were awful) and not only did they not have enough stations, several ran out of water!
    2) When participating in a race with multiple distances and a mass start, the race gives out all the good stuff to the finishers of the shorter distance. Example: I did a marathon in Louisville and the race organizers gave out all the space blankets (or whatever you call those aluminum foil blankets) to the half-marathon finishers while the later-finishing marathoners froze to death. I finished in a respectable 3:32, but still missed out on the blankets.
    3) Insufficient aid at the finish line. Example: Most recently at the Dirty Dash here in Utah they had no water at the finish line – zero, zilch, nada. Maybe that was combined with problem number 2 (I started in the second wave).
    4) Crappy race t-shirts.
    5) Crappy race t-shirts.

    I just felt 4 and 5 deserved their own categories.