Triathlon Gifts Under $30, or…What to Get for the Triathlete in Your Life Who Wants All Sorts of Things You Don’t Understand

It’s not Christmas yet, and Father’s Day and Mother’s Day are long gone. But maybe you know a special triathlete who has a birthday coming up, or maybe you’re one of the seven people in the United States who plan out their Christmas presents this far in advance. Whatever the case, if you want to get some sort of triathlon gift for that special guy or gal but you’re not into triathlons yourself, you might be a bit mystified as to what to get them. And you wouldn’t want to make an embarrassing or awkward mistake. I mean, you’re probably smart enough to not buy somebody a bottle of “McNett MiraZyme Odor Eliminator“, but what about Chamois Butt’r?

So here’s my list, from the inexpensive to outrageous:

Under $10

Blister Shield. Get them a few of these trial-size packets, and they’ll be thanking you the next time they run hard and don’t get any blisters. Tell them it’s better than Body Glide. Or play it safe and just get them some Body Glide.

Nuun Active Hydration. You know, I haven’t tried these yet, but EVERY SINGLE person I’ve talked to who has raves about the stuff.

Yankz Shoe Laces. A must-have for triathletes, unless they’re using Zoot shoes in which case this type of system is built-in. But if they’re running in Nikes, Saucony, etc. then they need a set of these for fast transitions.

Gu. The easy choice. Does anyone not like Gu? Get them a 6-pack of Gu for $7.

Under $20

Bento Box. One of the simplest, greatest inventions for carrying food on your bike.

Running visor. How about a running visor? Hey, everyone can use more triathlon clothing.


This is where we start to have some fun.

The Triathlete’s Training Bible. This is THE book on triathlon. If the triathlete you love doesn’t have it, he/she needs it, even if they don’t like books.

1st Endurance Drink Mix. Trust me, this is good stuff. This ain’t Gatorade. Fruit punch is delicious.

Ironman Championship DVDs. If triathlon is half mental, this is food for the triathlete’s mind.

The good thing about buying a gift for a triathlete is that there are so many things they need and want. Most of what they need wears out, so even if you get them something they already have, chances are they’re going to need another one soon. And if they don’t need it, chances are they want it but are spending their money in their “needs” and will be grateful for the luxury of being able to use your gift without feeling guilty about having put off some other priority.

And of course if you don’t want to make a decision, you can always choose the easy route and get a gift card.