Top 10 Downsides of Losing Weight

I started doing triathlons in late 2007. I think I weighed between 220-225 lbs at that time, and I’m now under 200 lbs. Less than a year before I started triathlons I was as heavy as 236 lbs, and that was absolutely no muscle. While losing almost 40 lbs has been a blessing in many ways, there are also some downsides that have come with it, as follows:

1. Many of my clothes are too big, and my belt loops around almost to my back.

2. My wedding ring just falls off my finger, so much so that I don’t wear it any more because I’m afraid of losing it.

3. People I haven’t seen for a few years don’t recognize me (sometimes this is a benefit if I don’t really want to talk to that person).

4. I am no longer drought and famine resistant.

5. People think I’m mean when I tell fat jokes, whereas before it was ok because they figured I was just making fun of myself. I still am, they just don’t think I am.

6. People aren’t as hesitant to ask me to perform physical tasks, like moving heavy boxes.

7. Fat people I used to think were my friends now reject me.

8. I apparently don’t have as much padding on my backside, because it seems to get sore more quickly when I’m sitting down, especially on hard surfaces.

9. If I sleep on my side, I have to put something between my knees because they’re all bony now and hurt each other.

10. I just realized this one while writing this–I don’t get belly button lint buildup anymore, and I kind of enjoyed that. It was always blue for some reason.

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    I think I had the exact same weight loss as you. From around the 230’s, down to about 180. Currently I’m at 185, but I drop a few more when I go over 6 hours/week tri-training.

    I feel you on most of these. For number 2, I broke down and got my ring re-sized. But I don’t wear it on days I work out so unless I’ve worked out and can shower at home, i’m not wearing the ring that day.

    Definitely appreciate #8.

    I hadn’t thought of #4. That could be a drawback. Nahh…

    Love this post.

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    I started losing weight when my wife was pregnant with our first daughter. Even though she told me I was a jerk for losing weight while she gained it (and I got dirty looks from every woman alive) I had to make a change.

    I drank and ate whatever I wanted for 28 years but with 4 uncles in the ground from heart attacks before 60 I wanted to be around for my little girl.

    I totally agree with your list! My problem is now I’m stuck bewteen two sizes! Medium shirts are a bit tight and Larges are baggy. Same thing with waist sizes. 34’s are too big and 32’s make me look like one of those Emo kids. . .

    A small price to pay in the end!

    Keep up the good work. I love the blog!