Lifetime Fitness Likes to Call Me

It’s only Tuesday, and I just got my 47th marketing phone call from Lifetime Fitness this week. Ok, slight exaggeration, but seriously, I’ve been getting a lot of phone calls from them this week trying to sell me on signing up at their gym and telling me all about how they’ll give me $100 spending credit for their cafe, which based on their menu means I’ll have enough credit to purchase a smoothie, a protein bar, and a piece of lettuce. Actually, the $100 promotion is fairly tempting, the only problem is that I’m already a member.

I told this to the first guy who called me, but he just asked if anyone else in my house wanted to sign up. I yelled out to ask anyone else who might be in my house, but nobody else responded. When I got the next call, I started wondering if perhaps they had mixed up the “Already Members–Do Not Bother or They May Quit” list with the “Not Members–Call and Sell” phone number list. The third call strengthened my opinion, and the fourth and fifth further confirmed it. The interesting thing is that until this most recent call, none of the callers offered to take me off the list or ensure that I wouldn’t be called again. But today’s caller was very apologetic and promised to make sure I didn’t get called again, although she did ask me, once again, if anyone else in my house wanted to sign up.

All that technology out there, and yet Lifetime can’t get their sales people the right list of phone numbers to call. Tragic.