David Warden, My New Triathlon Coach

Well folks, if you read this previous post you’re going wonder how in the world I was able to hire David Warden, host of the Tri-Talk Podcast, to be my triathlon coach. Let’s just say that no, I’m not getting anything for free, and that where there’s a will, there’s a way. If you follow my posts regularly and pay attention to this blog, you might be able to hazard a guess as to how this got worked out.

I just met with David for three hours last night, and we talked about goals, events, nutrition, equipment, and everything else we needed to cover to get things kicked off. He set me up with an account on TrainingPeaks.com, and soon I’ll be off and running, literally. As often as possible I’m going to pass along some of the tips I get from David in the training tips section of this site, as well as other sections. But despite whatever tips you may get here, there’s no replacement for the one-on-one attention of a triathlon coach and the motivation that comes from being accountable to someone, and I’m thrilled that it can be David of all people. I’ve only met him twice so far, but having listened to 20+ of his podcasts, I trust him implicitly because of his passion for triathlon, his experience, and his fascination with data. I myself am more mildly interested in the data, but I’m glad to have a coach that takes it more seriously.

More on this later.

  • Afaq Husain

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