What is the plural of an Ironman? Although everything on this blog is ultimately about my experiences leading up to my first Ironman event and those beyond, this category is for those posts more specific to Ironman events.


No Ironman in 2010, So Now What?

I’ve decided to not do my first Ironman event this year, so now what? Should I just workout for the sake of it, or should I plan to race some other events locally? Should I focus on some sprint distance triathlons and improving my speed? Should I just work on personal goals, like riding my […]


Florida Ironman 2010 – Why I’m Dropping Out

That’s right, I’m scrapping the plan I put in place almost a year ago to do the Florida Ironman this year. The Florida Ironman 2010 in Panama City would have been my first Ironman ever, and I’ve been pretty excited about it, since this was the goal I set when I started doing triathlons back […]


Boise Half-Ironman 2010 Story

This year is “the big year” for me. It started off with my first marathon in April and will end with my first full Ironman in November (assuming the oil spill doesn’t prompt a cancellation). I’ve already completed a half-Ironman in Oceanside, California, but that was back when I didn’t know what I was doing, […]


Countdown to Boise Half-Ironman

Boise half-Ironman, this Saturday. There’s only a 20% chance of rain–I kind of wish it was just slightly higher. I don’t want it to rain, but I wouldn’t mind some good cloud cover. If only it were on Friday, when the high is forecast to be 65 degrees (Saturday the high is going to be […]


Ironman Florida 2010 vs. the Oil Spill

Is the 2010 Panama City Florida Ironman going to be canceled due to the oil spill in the gulf? That’s the big question on my mind, since I’m signed up for it, it’s my first full Ironman event, and if they cancel it what do I do about an Ironman this year, when all my […]


7-Week Half-Ironman Training Plan

I wonder how many hits this page is going to get from people looking to go from nothing to a half-Ironman in seven weeks. Let me end the suspense early on–you’re not going to find a training plan on this page, which is unfortunate for you if you’re really looking for a 7-week half-Ironman training […]


Boise Half-Ironman Training Begins

I have three events this year; 1) my first marathon, 2) my second half-Ironman (Oceanside being the first), and 3) my first full Ironman (Panama City, Florida). My first marathon took place just over a week ago, so that’s checked off. I now have just under seven weeks to prepare for the Boise half-Ironman. First […]


Ironman Bike Shipping

This November (2010) I’ll do my first full Ironman event in Panama City, Florida. I live in Salt Lake City, Utah. That means it’s more than a short drive with my bike on top of the car, so the question is what’s the best way to get my bike to Panama City, and to the […]


Marathon and half-Ironman less than a month apart?

Ok, I’m trying to plan out 2010 by working backwards. I’ll do the full Ironman in Panama City, Florida in November. In June, I’ll do the half-Ironman in Boise. But before that, I want to get a marathon in, because I’ve never done one and feel like I need to have that under my belt. […]


Ironman for Mormons, but not Jews

Sounds controversial, doesn’t it? But it’s nothing of the sort, really. It’s just that generally speaking, Mormons don’t do Ironman races on Sundays, and I would guess that hardcore Orthodox Jews don’t do Ironman races on Saturdays. Some people might be surprised to find out Mormons do Ironman races at all, especially the people who […]


My Mentor’s First Ironman

The guy who got me into triathlons in the first place, Te Koi Smith, is doing his first full Ironman today in Arizona. I’m Mormon and don’t usually pay attention to sports on Sunday, but I’m checking his progress online. As of this post he has finished the swim, the first leg of the bike […]


Oceanside, California Ironman 70.3 (half-Ironman)

Since I’m posting this you know I’m still alive. Not only alive, but I actually feel pretty good. So here’s how it all went down. Friday night it was just one thing after another as I packed and repacked my backpack for the event and by the time we got to bed it was around […]


My First Triathlon – Ogden, Pineview Reservoir

This photo was taken last night before the race. I should have taken a photo before I ever started training, but I didn’t. But I think this is fairly close to what I looked like a month or two ago anyway. Not exactly easy on the eyes. If you’re just getting started I’d recommend taking […]