Eliminating Dairy…Almost

Up until David started coaching me on Monday, I was waking up, having a smoothie made of non-fat milk, a banana, some almonds, and maybe some other fruit thrown in. I would then go work out, come home, and have a bowl of oatmeal with two cups of milk or or a bowl of cereal. For lunch I’d have whatever was around, often leftovers from dinner the night before, which frequently includes liberal amounts of cheese and white, processed flour, and then for dinner I’d have whatever my wife makes. Oh, and I’d have snacks throughout the day. Often yogurt with granola, yogurt with cottage cheese, etc.  In other words, my diet has been unorganized, except in that I always made sure it included a lot of dairy.

David doesn’t like dairy. That is, he likes it, he just doesn’t think it’s that good for you. I’ve heard the anti-milk arguments before, and I must admit they make sense. Why is the milk of another animal such a staple in our society? Does it really do a body good? I’m not too educated on the matter, but common sense would at least tell us that maybe milk shouldn’t be the type of thing we drink two gallons of every day.

However, David also said he doesn’t like to use the word “eliminate” when it comes to food. So where does that leave me? My decision has been to scale dairy way back, as an experiment, and see what happens. My brother, who has had allergies all his life, recently cut out the majority of dairy and sugar from his diet, and he’s lost weight as a result, but his allergies have also gotten much better. David’s family replaced their breakfast cereal with green smoothies, and his son who was hospitalized each spring due to asthma was not hospitalized this year and didn’t need his asthma medication. So I figure it’s worth a try. I won’t completely eliminate dairy, and I’m not quitting cold turkey, because I need to get rid of the stuff we’ve got. I might still have a bowl of cereal once a week. I might have some yogurt once in a while. I’ll still have a bowl of ice cream when we have company over. But I’m going to try cutting my dairy intake to about 5-10% of what it was, if not lower.

Lucky for me, I love soy milk. But David says that has a lot of estrogen in it, so I guess I need to be careful there too. But I don’t think it will be too huge of a problem.