Winter Clothing for Triathlon Training

I live in Utah, which means I get to train through the winter. And since I’m not a huge fan of the bike trainer or the treadmill, that means running and biking outside in the cold, and that means winter clothing. And as anyone with any sense knows, the best time to buy your winter triathlon clothing isn’t at the start of winter–it’s in the summer. As in, right now. For example, PowerTri.com just marked their winter clothing down by 40%. Well, not “just”, they actually did it a week or two ago, but you don’t think I was going to write this post before I got in there and made sure I got everything I wanted, do you?

So what did I get?

Pearl Izumi PRO Softshell Jacket. Man, this thing just looks so good, I’m not even sure I’ll train in it, I might just wear it to fancy dinner parties. Normally $175, but I got it for just over $100.

Pearl Izumi Barrier Shoe Cover. I really, REALLY needed a pair of these this last winter. But I made do with what I had, and saved $24 off the full price.

Pearl Izumi Softshell Glove. I really needed these too. I’ve been using cheap gardening gloves in the winter. But again, patience paid off with an $18 discount.

Pearl Izumi LS Baselayer Shirt. I wasn’t patient enough to buy one of these. I got one at full price. But I liked it so much I got another one at $24 off.

The only thing that stinks now is that I have to wait six months to use any of it.

  • http://www.thepursuitofadreamtheironman.blogspot.com Matt


    Thanks for creating this site, I know that this really isn’t a comment on your post, but your story almost sounds exactly what I am going through and I am just north of you in Idaho with crappy weather too. I am glad I am not the only one. I just started two weeks ago and am pretty psyched about doing an iron man in a few years.

    Thanks again!