Triathlon Podcast TriTalk

I just found out about TriTalk, a podcast about triathlons and made for triathletes, and it’s great stuff. It’s the #1 podcast about triathlon stuff, and is hosted by David Warden, a free-lance journalist, with articles appearing in Triathlete and Inside Triathlon magazines. He is on the Regional Board of Directors for USAT and the Board of Advisors for Joe Friel’s TrainingBible Coaching, LLC. And he’s based right here in Utah.

I’ve only listened to two podcasts so far, but I’m already hooked. I already learned that training at altitude here in Utah doesn’t do a darn thing for me, but that caffeine (which I refuse to use) would boost my results dramatically. I guess most of what I’ve learned so far are things that burst my bubbles, but hey, it’s all good.