The Triathlete’s Training Bible

I just barely started reading The Triathlete’s Training Bible, so maybe it’s premature to be doing a review but it’s already the best triathlon training book I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen two! But seriously, it’s awesome. I mean, it’s got just about everything you would need to know about triathlon in it, along with some very handy diagrams so I don’t have to wonder what they’re talking about. Feel like you’re drowning when you’re swimming and you know you need to change your technique but you’re not sure how? Page 207. Want to know which weight machines you should be using to improve your triathlon performance? Page 235, Chapter 13. Nutrition, race day strategies, planning a year, planning a week, bike fitting, how to pedal better, how to turn on your bike on wet pavement, etc. It’s got it all, and it came highly recommended by my coach, who knows a lot more about triathlon than I do, so go get you some.