Xlab Tire Bag

Why all the bike gear reviews all of a sudden? Because I just got my bike the other day and I’m putting all the accessories on it. I’ll post a photo of it all once I’m done, but right now I’m trying to get out on a bike ride!

One of the accessories I just put on is the Xlab Tire Bag. Fortunately, this was pretty easy to figure out compared to the Xlab Carbon Wing and the Xlab Mini Top Bag (ok, I guess the Mini Top Bag wasn’t that bad either). So I don’t have any sort of diatribe to launch into, nor any suggestions as of yet for how to make it or the installation instructions better. It’s a pretty simple bag. What I like about it is that it’s big. I can fit two spare tubes and some tools in the one large pocket and I still have room to spare. Then, on the bottom is another smaller pocket I can put stuff in. It really is pretty roomy, and of course it has all been tested in a wind tunnel along with the Carbon Wing so even though it’s as large as it is, I’m confident I’m still minimizing drag over any other option (other than not having it at all, perhaps). Not that drag from bike accessories is my main problem, seeing as how I’m still 30 lbs from my target weight. You want to talk about drag and my gut is the first thing we should be talking about.

But on that front I’ve got good news as well, which is that I was under 210 lbs today for the first time in…well, a long time. A very long time.