Xlab Mini Top Bag

There’s not  much to say about the Xlab Mini Top Bag, I mean, it’s a little nylon bag with a zipper, right? But I think I did find out a little trick about getting it secure on your bike. Ok, maybe it’s not a trick, I mean, I think this is the way it’s supposed to work, but it was a little tricky getting it to work, especially since the Xlab website doesn’t have any sort of instructions on how it fits on things. I think it’s fairly straightforward if you’re putting it on a saddle, but a little tricky if you’re putting it on an Xlab Carbon Wing, as I just did.

The Xlab Mini Top Bag has three velcro straps on it. Two are mirror images, and are on either side of the bag. I assume that if you’re attaching these to a saddle these go around the metal bars underneath the saddle, whatever those are called. Then there’s a third strap that goes around your bike stem.

However, when you’re attaching this to a Carbon Wing, the two straps on the sides don’t do anything (as near as I can tell), which leaves only the third strap (now on the bottom of the bag since you tilt it so the zipper is pointing upwards) for securing the bag to anything. If you don’t have an Xlab Tire Bag, you might be able to thread this strap through the strap slots on the Carbon Wing. However, the Xlab Tire Bag has a place on the top (three places, actually) that you can slip straps through. In my situation, there is a strap going through the middle area of the Xlab Tire Bag which is then threaded through the Carbon Wing, thus holding the Tire Bag to the Carbon Wing. I then threaded half of the velcro strap from the Mini Top Bag through the rearmost area of the Tire Bag, but if you’re doing this yourself at this point you’ll start thinking “Wait, how do I attach the other half of the velcro strap?” because the entire half of the strap is pretty much under the area you’re threading it through. It’s a little hard to explain in words, but if you’re doing this you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Here’s what you do. By the way, the Tire Bag should be totally unattached to the Carbon Wing at this point. You’re going to attach the Mini Top Bag to the Tire Bag, and then attach it all as one piece to the Carbon Wing, which is already attached to your bike at this point. So you attach the base of the half of the velcro strap from the Mini Top Bag to the top of the other half that’s already threaded through the area on the top of the Tire Bag, then attach as much of the velcro as you can, sticking your finger under the area of the Tire Bag to do so. This will mean the strap gets doubled up backwards, but it’s ok. Just keep jamming your finger in there and more and more of the velcro will attach. Once you’ve done as much as you can, some of the strap will still be doubled back. At this point, pull on the Mini Top Bag to pull the strap through the area to the other side that you were jamming your finger in, and you should be able to pull the entire connected strap through, and then you can attach the last bit of velcro and you’re good to go. Now you can stick the Mini Top Bag up through the bottom of the Carbon Wing, thread the strap through the Carbon Wing and the other area of the Tire Bag, and finish attaching it all.

The one problem here that I can see is that it kind of seems like a one way process. That is, I have no idea how to unattach these bags from each other. But hopefully I’ll never need to or it won’t be that hard when I try. I guess scissors or a razor blade would do the trick in an emergency.