Best Triathlon Sunglasses?

I need recommendations. I had a pair of Scott glasses I bought for about $200 when I first started triathlons three years ago, and I like them a lot, especially the interchangeable lenses, but I sold them to buy milkshakes. I’ve heard people rave about Rudy Project, but I’ve never tried any on and I think they look kind of funny. Yeah, I know, I look kind of funny too, but why exacerbate the situation?

One particular problem I have that most guys can’t relate to, and which most women will be envious of, is that I have really long eyelashes, and so I require glasses that don’t sit really close to my eyes. That was the primary reason I chose the glasses I did the first time around–every other pair I tried on subjected me to the annoyance of my eyelashes brushing the lenses whenever I blinked.

Since my glorious comeback to triathlon, I’ve just been wearing a pair of normal, non-sports, wrap around sunglasses. They’re ok, but I miss the interchangeable lenses, and while they haven’t fallen off yet, they are not made to stick to you when you’re all sweaty so I figure it’s only a matter of time before they fall off and break.

So if you have some glasses you use for triathlon that you absolutely love, and that come with interchangeable lenses, I’d love to know what they are and where you got them.

Much Grass!

  • Shawn

    I like the Nuance Optic Nerve glasses I got from Amazon. They are great for riding in the aero position and not having a top rim to the glasses obscuring my vision.