Triathlon Goggles

Two years ago I got Lasik, and an entirely new world was suddenly available to me. Today, I tried out Aqua Sphere Vista Swim Goggles and had a similar experience. They are really that good.

I’ve been using Barracuda swim goggles for the past two years, and I liked them. They were better than the Nike goggles and other cheap $5 goggles I tried before. I didn’t have problems with leaking, the fogging wasn’t that bad, and I had a good field of vision. The one problem was that the top of the goggles would push so hard on my temples, right under my eyebrows but above my eye in that soft area, that it hurt quite a bit. It always felt like I had a permanent bruise. But still, that was the only problem I had with them. But I had no idea what I was missing out on.

When I first saw the Aqua Sphere goggles I thought “Ummm, those are huge, wouldn’t that cause a bunch of drag?” But my coach swears by them, and I could see immediately that there wouldn’t be a problem with them hurting the area above my eyes, so I decided to try them out.

The first thing I noticed when I tried them on was that they were super comfortable. Yes, it kind of does feel like you’re wearing a full-on scuba mask, but hey, they were comfortable for sure. My main problem was already solved. As I swam, I had no problems with leaks, nor did I feel like they were causing any sort of drag issue. In fact, when it comes to leaks these goggles seem much easier to seal, perhaps because there’s such a large area that seals to your face. And what a view! I could see all over the place, plus they give you a little bottle of anti-fog solution that I put on per the instructions, and man, that stuff is awesome. I’ve never, ever, swam in goggles that were so clear. I swam for a half hour and there wasn’t a hint of fogging up. I could see better than I’ve ever been able to see by a long shot.

In addition, these goggles are much easier to adjust the strap on than any other goggle. There’s a sort of button on each side that allows the strap to slip through and then lock in place.

So, while I’ve only swam in a few pairs of goggles, I can’t say enough about these. They’re awesome. Go get some.

  • Darrell Burns

    Now I’ve seen them, I really want some. I’m going to get some soon, once I pay off my credit card!