Polar Sports Bottle

Yesterday I went on a two-hour bike ride. I left two sports bottles of Heed overnight in the freezer, and I was biking in the early morning so that I didn’t have to deal with the heat, and yet within one hour both bottles were completely melted and most of the way towards being warm. Now, imagine you’re three hours into a five-hour bike ride in the middle of nowhere. Wouldn’t it be nice to reach down, grab your drink bottle, and find it filled with ice-cold water or sports drink or whatever you put in there? Not only would it be more refreshing, but how much more would you get out of your workout if you could maintain a slightly lower body temperature?

That’s why you need the Polar Bottle. I started out with two, and they are WONDERFUL. Unfortunately, one fell off my bike without me knowing it, so then one was gone. Then I left the other one on top of my car and drove off and it got ran over and cracked. Since last August I’ve been using a standard bottle and while that was fine and dandy during the winter, now that it’s getting warm again getting new Polar bottles has become a high priority, so I shelled out $12 apiece for two of them today, and I’m very much looking forward to tomorrow’s ride as a result.

Trust me, if you’ve never used one, you should try one. You’ll never be able to go back. I’d rate it one of the most important accessories for bikers, and unlike most everything else we bikers have to buy, the Polar bottle is relatively inexpensive.