Louis Garneau Superleggera Aero-Helmet

Man oh man, what a difference having the right equipment makes. Last week I went for my first ride on my new tri-bike and it was horrible. I thought it was the bike, and in part it was, because the front derailleur wasn’t tuned right and the seat wasn’t adjusted correctly, but the other part was that I was using a normal bike helmet and a pair of non-biking sunglasses. For my 2nd and 3rd rides, I wore my new Louis Garneau Superleggera Aero-Helmet, for which I also bought the optional visor (tinted), and ohhhh baby, it’s like being in heaven compared to that first ride.

First of all, with the visor attached to the helmet I don’t have to wear glasses at all, which means I don’t have to deal with them slipping down my nose, getting dirty, obscuring my vision, etc. I have a huge field of vision, and the tinted visor seems to keep the sun easy on my eyes just as well as a good pair of sunglasses. It’s sooo nice. If you get the helmet, definitely get the visor, and yes, get the tinted one. It’s dark enough to work on a sunny day, but not so dark as to cause problems on a cloudy day. I’m not sure about night riding because I don’t do that. Note: The visor is screwed on and the only way to adjust it is to loosen the screws. No, you cannot have it down and then just push it up if you don’t want it there. You would actually have to stop and loosen four screws. I plan on just leaving it down all the time. I don’t see any reason to remove it–ever.

I know some people complain about aero helmets not being cool enough. The ride I just did was relatively sunny, and it’s about 80 degrees out. While I was moving I felt just fine, or if there was a good breeze, but if I slowed down to climb a hill and I didn’t have a headwind then yes, I started feeling a little warm. I have fairly short hair, not buzzed, but short, and I can imagine that someone with longer hair could get quite warm climbing a hill in 80 degree weather with this helmet on.

I already mentioned it has a great field of vision, but I want to re-emphasize that point. My non aero-helmet kept slipping down when I tried it on my first ride on my new tri-bike, which made my crane my neck more to try and see. With this helmet I don’t have to crane my neck any more than I would without a helmet on, because the helmet doesn’t obscure to top of my field of vision at all.

Everything else about the helmet was great as well. It’s comfortable, I like how easy it is to adjust the fit while you’re wearing it by using the wheel thingy in the back, and it’s super, super lightweight. I don’t have any recommendations about how it could be improved, other than maybe some sort of cooling system that weighs nothing but has the equivalent cooling power of an ice pack sitting on your head. That’d be nice.