Kiefer Swim Backpack Review


Kiefer sent me one of these swim backpacks a few months ago and I’ve now had a chance to test it out. My wife has tested it out quite a bit as well.

Short and sweet of it: For use as a swimming backpack it’s perfect. It might not be what you’d want to use to jog or bike to the gym with.

Long version: The backpack is high-quality in my opinion. I mean it’s not full-grain leather with diamonds, but it feels like it’s worth more than the $25 they sell them for. It appears made to fit into a gym locker, or sit by the pool. It’s flat bottom ensures it won’t be tipping over unless you get deliberate about it.

The pockets are well thought out. You notice this once you start using it because you go to get something out and you think “Hey, that’s right where I need it.” If you’ve been swimming for a few years and have used other bags you notice stuff like this, or you notice the lack of annoyance as you use a well-designed, well thought out product like this Kiefer bag.

It’s got a “wet pocket” so you can keep your wet stuff separated from your dry stuff and the water won’t soak through and get all your other stuff wet. Useful for when those spinning swim suit dryer thingies are out of order as they often are at my gym.

There are some things I don’t see the need for like the phone zipper pouch with the earphone hole. The pouch for the phone up high where it won’t get wet, sure, but I don’t see the need for the earphone hole. Still, it doesn’t get in the way. I’m just looking for something to criticize here.

The other thing I would say is not a flaw with the bag but not ideal for my situation is that other than in the winter I bike to the gym, but I don’t see this as a great backpack to wear while biking. For that I use a larger Zoot triathlon backpack. But if you’re driving to the pool, which is more likely your case, then no worries.

What this probably would also not work for is an actual triathlon event. It probably would if it were a warm-water swim, but I don’t see this pack being large enough for a wetsuit and everything else. Without the wetsuit it would probably be fine.