JVC HAEBX85W Inner Ear Sports Clip Headphone

I’ve had problems finding the right earbuds/headphones for running, primarily because they kept falling out. Apple’s default iPod earbuds were ok, if I didn’t mind readjusting them every 3-4 minutes and putting them back in when they fell out every 5-6 minutes. I then purchased some Skullcandy earbuds per the recommendations of my Facebook so-called “friends”, but I initially had some issues with those as well. The main problem, once again, was that they frequently fell out. I solved this problem by attaching a clip to the cord which I would clip to the neck of my shirt, thus preventing the extra long earbud cord from pulling the earbuds out. But about two weeks ago the small plastic clip broke, and I wasn’t sure where to find such a thing. But I happened to have received an Amazon.com gift certificate, so I figured it might be time to try something new.

This time, I opted to try out some over-the-ear, wraparound headphones. That is, the earbud has a long plastic piece that hooks around the top of your ear and gives them extra support to keep them falling out. I chose the JVC brand merely because someone recommended them, and they’re cheap. In fact, they cut the price by 50% so now you can get them for $5, which is hard to beat.

The results? Heavenly. For the first time in four years I have absolutely no problems with my earbuds coming out while I’m running. No hint of them coming out. If I had known how nice this would be, I would have made the switch a long, long time ago. There is simply no comparison.

I don’t think the fact that they’re JVC has anything to do with it. They’re $5 headphones, after all. I’m sure any over the ear headphones would do just as well. But I certainly do like the ones I got.

One added benefit, I’ve been wearing them biking and whereas with my iPod and Skullcandy earbuds I had a lot of wind interference, to the point where if I was in a good headwind or going downhill I couldn’t hear a thing from my headphones, now the noise of rushing air is completely gone. Since I listen to audiobooks while riding, this is nice since I frequently was missing 1-2 minute snippets of audio here and there.