Book Review: Iron Ambition by John D. Callos

Ok, I haven’t finished it yet, but I’m liking it. Maybe I like it because it’s so similar to my own story which, like the book, is also unfinished. It’s the story of a fat, out of shape business man named John Callos and how he changed his life by training for an Ironman. Hey, that’s just like me! I was also a fat, out of shape businessman named John…wait, my name’s Josh, so it’s not exactly like my story, but close. I even swam the same 1-mile swim John did as a Boy Scout. I swam it in a pool just like John did. But I didn’t feel like I cheated by swimming in a pool–I was tired! I also swam in the ocean at the Boy Scout’s Camp Cherry Valley on Catalina Island, right where John talks about swimming. Anyway, in just the first few pages I felt like John and I had a lot in common. But whereas John’s story is well on its way, mine is still in the early stages. John also has his own website.

Here’s the book description from Amazon’s site:

Iron Ambition chronicles a CEO’s mid-life odyssey from corporate excess and sloth, to completing the Ironman Triathlon. More than just a story of perseverance and overcoming obstacles, this epic triumph will inspire athletes as well as mid-career executives who struggle with the daily battle of balancing work and family while harboring the guilt of broken promises and delayed dreams. As a CEO Advisor and management consultant of national renown, the author shares deep insights on improving effectiveness at work, strengthening relationships and setting priorities. Further, Iron Ambition offers perhaps the most detailed and realistic accounting of the daily struggle, commitment and discipline required to complete what many have called the world’s most challenging single-day test of endurance.