Chamois Butt’r

I remember when my parents bought our first VCR. Before we had one, I never missed it. Once we got it, I couldn’t imagine living without it. The same goes for the microwave, air conditioning in the car, audiobooks while training, and now…Chamois Butt’r.

I defer to experts in most things, but my friend, the world-famous triathlon coach, told me he’s never used Chamois Butt’r. He said he doesn’t need it. Well, I never used it either, and I never had any chafing problems. I never used any sort of anti-chafing stuff all the way through my first half-Ironman. But I figured hey, what the heck, and I got a tube of the stuff and went out biking with it. And now, it’s an addiction. Whereas I never knew I needed the stuff before, now if I forget to put it on I’m thinking “Oh man, that hair is getting pulled out…oh, I’m getting a bit sore there…” the whole time I’m riding. Somehow I never noticed this stuff happening before I got Chamois Butt’r, and now I can’t go back.

Maybe I’m not doing a good job of selling it. After all, I’m telling you that if you never try it, you’ll never know what you’re missing. But that’s kind of like telling someone to never fly first class because then they’ll hate flying coach, whereas they never minded it much before. And in this case, it’s just a couple bucks to elevate your biking experience to new levels of comfort.

In case you’re still wondering what it is, it’s just a white cream that you slather on the pad of your bike shorts and amongst your privates–anywhere you think you might have an issue. If you want even shorter and simpler instructions then take it from my two year old who, every time she sees the tube, says “This goes on daddy’s bum.”

It feels weird the first time, but aren’t there all sorts of things about triathlon that make you feel weird at first? Heck, spandex made me feel pretty darn weird the first time. But trust me, once you use this stuff, you’ll keep on using it. The other good news is that a tube lasts quite a while. I’ve had mine for six months and plenty of biking and I’m not anywhere close to halfway through it.

  • http://chappysmobile.com Auntie Ann

    I’m pretty sure I need to get a bottle of this stuff to use at work. I mean… I’m fine without it but it seems like I’d be all sorts of comfortable sitting at my desk if I had some… and for only a few bucks right? Sold.

  • Joshua

    Um…do you sit on a bike seat at work? If so, I’m sure the City of Alpine is violating some sort of workplace law.