2XU Compression Tights

Men in tights? Oh yeah, 2XU compression tights are so comfy you’ll be wanting to wear them all day, every day. But seriously, they are comfy, and although I’m no expert on recovery and compression material and all this stuff, my coach is, and he swears by these things. He told me to wear them to bed at night and sleep in them, so that’s what I’ve been doing. Compression tights to bed at night, and by day I wear compression socks, either the Zoot compression socks or I also have a pair of 2XU compression socks. Supposedly these things help your legs recover 40% faster or something amazing like that (I may be off on the number). I’m not experienced enough to tell whether they’re helping or not, but I am definitely running a lot faster and harder these days, and my legs feel great. The faster part is probably due mostly to a change in my technique, but the fact that my muscles are adjusting remarkably well to the increased distances and speeds I’m running may have something to do with the tights, who knows. I guess my coach does, so don’t take my word for it, take his.

Oh, and I haven’t tried any of the other brands of compression tights, like Zoot or Skins, but my coach says he likes the 2XU tights better than the Zoot compression tights, and he’s not just brand biased because he likes the Zoot compression socks better than the 2XU socks. But neither he nor I have tried the Skins compression tights.