2XU Compression Socks

I’ve already written about the Zoot compression socks. Having tried both socks, the Zoot as well as the 2XU compression socks, I think I like the Zoot socks better, as does my coach, David Warden. For me, it’s because the Zoot compression socks are tighter, which makes them a lot harder to put on, but it seems like if I’m going to wear compression socks, then the tighter the better, right? I hope so. Also, my 2XU socks seem to be getting fuzzy in a lot of places, the way material does if it goes through the washer and ends up attached to a piece of velcro. Finally, the 2XU socks seem to be too long, so either they go above my knees and then bunch up behind my knees, which is uncomfortable, not to mention it seems to cut off the blood flow to my lower legs. So I generally fold them down on top and then they’re fine.

Based on the lack of compression and the length, you might surmise that I bought a pair of socks that are too big for me, and this is possible and something I will check into. But even assuming that, the Zoot socks seem more heavy-duty and durable to me. Of course, whether this translates into better results is hard for me to say, since I can’t even tell if the compression socks are doing anything at all (I think they are, I just can’t tell because of all the other variables affecting my recovery and running performance). But if I had to choose between the two again, I’d go with Zoot.

But I will say this for the 2XU socks, they are definitely easier to put on.