Utah Half Ironman? Mmmmaybe…

So I’m trying to figure out my race schedule for 2010. I’m doing the Florida Ironman, and want to get a half and a marathon in before. I was thinking Salt Lake Marathon in April, Boise Half Ironman in June, and then the full in November. But after doing the half marathon in SLC this year, I’m not sure I want to do the full, given the race mismanagement company running things (Devine). Ogden is a month later, and apparently is a great race and well managed, but that puts me too close to the Boise half. So I’m now thinking of doing the Ogden marathon, the Utah half in August, and then the full in November. That gives me three A races in six months, with three months in between each race. That would also allow me to do the Cache Valley and Echo triathlons in June and July.

The question is, would I rather deal with the Salt Lake marathon so that I can do the Boise half which will probably be cooler than the Utah half in August, plus it’s an official Ironman event (c’mon, it’s worth something, if only that it’s more highly attended, isn’t it?), plus I could do BAM, and then I have more time to focus on my full, or do I want to avoid the SLC marathon? I know what the SLC marathon is probably going to be like, so I can prepare for that. But I don’t have much of a clue about the Utah half other than Bob’s recommendation, plus this Utah half race review which isn’t exactly encouraging. But maybe they’ll have that boat ramp cleaned off next year…

  • http://bob.com bob

    that boat ramp will always be nasty. in all fairness to last year’s event, you can’t control the weather. that’s like saying an event sucked because some kids pooped in the open water which caused roundworm and they had to cancel the swim.
    what is the bike/run temp going to be like in florida that time of year? do you need to know what it’s like training in higher temperatures (such as the utah half for example)?
    i had a great race in boise last year, partly because of the temperature. it was mid to low 60’s and perfect for the run and didn’t have to worry about overheating and just good enough where i didn’t have to worry about being too cold on the bike. despite the hail.
    all things to be thinking about……

  • Eric Voboril

    Hi –

    The mantra I’ve heard from all Ironman training programs is that you DON”T have to do a marathon before you do one as part of an Ironman. The problem is that a marathon requires so much recovery time, it just cuts into your ability to train effectively. Also, I highly, highly recommend you check out the “4 Keys” to Ironman execution at endurancenation.us. It will completely transform how you approach racing and make your race much, much more effective. I’m a member of their time and have gotten a ton of inspiration out of talking with the ordinary people who are part of that program.

    Otherwise, it sounds like the spread between the half and the full your doing is pretty good.


  • http://zjruns.blogspot.com Zach

    Hey, I ran the SLC full marathon last year, and I thought it was fine. Other than not having GU on the course as advertised (problem with the distributor not showing up… I agree, the race should have had a plan B… didn’t bother me tho as I always carry my own), I thought the organization was fine. The finish area left a little to be desired in terms of available food, but that’s probably because I was so slow everything was gone by then. :) That said, I’d ran Ogden as well, and thoroughly enjoyed both. Neither hold a candle to St George, tho, and that’s just the way it is. Good luck, whatever you decide!