Upcoming Event – Lake Powell Triathlon 2009

Sweet, looks like I just got into the Lake Powell triathlon on October 17th. I’ll be writing an article for TriHive about it, so Joe at Gold Medal Racing was kind enough to give me a “press pass”, by which I mean he comped the entry fee for me. Now I just have to take 20 photos and write an article while I’m there, which will probably take me more time than it would take me to earn the $108 entry fee, but hey, I like getting free stuff and I like writing articles. I also like shooting photos although I wish I had a better camera.

This will actually be my second time at the Lake Powell tri. The first was in 2007. But this time I’ll be doing the Olympic distance. This will also be my first time doing and Olympic distance triathlon, although I’ve already done a half-Ironman, so at least I have some idea of what I’m in for.