Training For The 2012 St. George Marathon

A few weeks ago I received an email telling me that I had won the lottery! No, not that lottery, the lottery for the 2012 St. George, Utah marathon to be held October 6th, 2012. I should be excited about this, right? Great event, great scenery, my second marathon where I can do so much better because I’ve learned from all the mistakes I made on the first one, etc. And yes, I am excited, I just hope I can make it.

My problems are:

1. I haven’t worked out much this year. I don’t mean I’ve been running twice a week instead of 3-4 times, I mean I’ve run about 10 times this year. It started at Christmas because I was having an IT band issue. Then I got busy, sick, lazy, and such. For the past month I haven’t worked out at all because I was on a trip to the Amazon in Brazil and was way too busy to think about running or any other form of exercise.

2. Now, that wouldn’t be so much of a problem, except that if I start training in earnest on Monday that only gives me 15 weeks of training. That would be all well and good if I were already running 30 miles a week with a 13-15 mile run thrown in there each week, but like I said, I haven’t run much at all in the past six months. The last time I ran 15 miles was December, 2011. That was also the last time I ran over 3 miles.

I’m using the Run Less Run Faster plan to train, but I recognize I’ve got an issue in that I’m not sure how my knees will hold up. I’m not worried about any other part of my body, but having had that IT band issue the last time I ran much, plus having had an experience early on in my running career wherein I ramped up too fast and one morning found out I couldn’t stand up because my knees were collapsing, resulting in two weeks of taking it easy in order to get back in the game, I’m concerned that I’ll either hurt myself, doing damage to my long-term running career, or I’ll incapacitate myself, meaning I miss the race, or both.

I’d like to say I’ll ease into it, but I’m not going to. I’m supposed to do a 15 mile run a week from now. Let’s just say this is going to be interesting.

Oh, and I’m starting all of this with a new shoe, the Lone Peak trail running shoe from Altra. Wish me luck.