No Ironman in 2010, So Now What?

I’ve decided to not do my first Ironman event this year, so now what? Should I just workout for the sake of it, or should I plan to race some other events locally? Should I focus on some sprint distance triathlons and improving my speed? Should I just work on personal goals, like riding my bike up Suncrest in under 30 minutes or running a 24-minute 5K?

Who’s got some recommendations?

  • http://www.russpage.net Russell

    1) Ultimate Challenge

    2) Four Canyons
    Emmigration, Millcreek, Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons all in one day.

  • Red

    Do a 70.3 Half Iron – they are everywhere (not just he Ironman TM races, but half iron distance races). Way fun and challenging, but much less training.

  • Joshua

    I just did a half-Ironman a week ago, so I think I’m good in that department for this year. Plus part of the reason I’m dropping out of the Ironman is due to time considerations, and training for a half-Ironman isn’t all that much less than training for an Ironman, so it has the same issues.

    In looking at the triathlon schedule for the rest of the year, the races that look interesting to me and which fit my schedule are:

    Echo, July 10th
    Stansbury Triathlon, July 24th
    BAM, August 7th
    Jordanelle, August 21st
    Kokopelli, September 18th

    If I could do 3 of those 5 I’d feel pretty good about the year…not as good as finishing my first Ironman, but good enough given the circumstances.