My Mentor’s First Ironman

The guy who got me into triathlons in the first place, Te Koi Smith, is doing his first full Ironman today in Arizona. I’m Mormon and don’t usually pay attention to sports on Sunday, but I’m checking his progress online. As of this post he has finished the swim, the first leg of the bike (37 miles) and is probably close to finishing the second. He started at 7 am, it’s now noon, and so he’s just got another 7 hours or so to go.

Previous to this event Te Koi has done one half-Ironman, one marathon, and a number of smaller events. He’s been having some issues with a hamstring lately, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn’t trip him up on mile 20 of the run or something.

It’s Te Koi’s ability to do these things that has given me the motivation and faith to do these things myself, so I’m really pulling for him to make it, because if he can do it then I figure maybe I can do it. Of course he’s in much better shape than I am, so this isn’t like how I tell people “Hey, if I can do it you can do it” because if I can do this stuff then just about anybody can do it.

  • Te Koi Smith

    wow, i had no idea you wrote about this. thanks man!!!