Which Marathon Should I Run?

I’ll be doing a half-marathon April 18th, 2009 in Salt Lake City, Utah. The next event for me will be a full marathon, but which one? The next feasible marathon would be the Utah Valley marathon, June 13th, but that gives me less than two months of training to get from 13.1 miles to 26.2. That seems to me like pushing things, given that my original plan was an 18-week marathon training plan and by doing the Utah Valley marathon I would essentially be cutting two weeks off of that plan. That just doesn’t seem wise, given that this is my first marathon, and I’m still overweight (215 lbs and 6′, need to get down to 180 lbs).

Other than that, the ones that look good to me are the Deseret News marathon (also in Salt Lake City) on July 24th (my family would be in town to watch, so that might be nice), Park City marathon on August 22nd, Top of Utah September 19th, and then St. George October 3rd, except I hear it’s pretty tough to get into that one, and I wouldn’t want to miss doing one this year.

  • http://runuv.com Hyrum Oaks

    You should come out and run the Utah Valley Marathon. I am the race director of the Utah Valley Marathon, and noticed your blog when I was searching what is being said about my race. Last year we had people heavier than you and they had a great experience with us. This year we already have about 15 people signed up for the clydesdale division (men over 200 lbs.), and there is still lots of time before the race. It is true that the race is only a couple of months away, but don’t get scared after your half experience in SLC. We have a faster easier course. Hope to see you June 13.