My Next Event

So you may be noticing that the last event I did was a half-Ironman back in March, and it’s now September. Did I quit after that and actually skip the entire summer? Well, yes and no. I haven’t done any events since March, and I won’t be doing any more this year. But I have not quit. I am, however, focusing exclusively on running right now. Part of it is financial, part of it is time, and part of it is that I’m a lot worse at running than I am at swimming or biking. Running is the cheapest of the three events, and takes the least amount of time to train after you factor in driving to the gym to go swimming.

I am definitely missing the training for all three events, and I wish I could have done a few triathlons this year, but that’s ok. My next major event is going to be a full marathon. I’ll probably do one or two half marathons first. I’m thinking I’ll do the Canyonlands half marathon in March, the half marathon in April at the Salt Lake Marathon, and then either the St. George marathon in October or the Top of Utah marathon in September.

Then I’m hoping to be in a position to do a full Ironman in late 2010. So there’s the plan.

  • Joshua

    Well, so much for the plan. I just signed up for the Salt Lake Marathon in April, 2009.

  • http://www.utahvalleymarathon.com Hyrum Oaks

    You should sign up for the Utah Valley Marathon if you haven’t already. It is an easy downhill course that is very scenic. I have a bias on this race, but I still am confident that you would love it.