Countdown to Boise Half-Ironman

Boise half-Ironman, this Saturday. There’s only a 20% chance of rain–I kind of wish it was just slightly higher. I don’t want it to rain, but I wouldn’t mind some good cloud cover. If only it were on Friday, when the high is forecast to be 65 degrees (Saturday the high is going to be 74). But since the race starts at 2 pm, that means I’ll be swimming and biking during the hottest part of the day, and of course it’s easier to stay cool during those two events. The run is where the heat really saps your energy, but I won’t be starting my run until around 6 pm.

The goal is to do it all in less than six hours, or an hour faster than my last half-Ironman a little over two years ago. That will require cutting about a half hour off the bike and another half hour off the run. I don’t think I can shave more than a few minutes off the swim, but we’ll see.