Delta Bicycle Shipping

Shipping a bicycle that’s worth $5-10K can be a bit nerve-wracking. While companies like TriBike Transport can ship your bike for you to many events, that only works when you’re going to an event that TriBike ships to. If you’re going to an event that isn’t covered, or you’re not going to an event–just traveling, then you have to deal with the cost and regulations of shipping with the airlines. That can be expensive and a hassle (whereas TriBike Transport is just expensive), but if you’re shipping your bike with Delta Airlines it can get even worse. Check out the video.

Delta’s website states that “your bike must be packaged in a cardboard or canvas container”. I guess James’ mistake was to ignore Delta’s bike shipping advice and pack his bike in a heavy-duty, specialized container made for shipping bikes on airplanes. If his bike had been in cardboard or canvas I’m sure it would have been just fine.

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