Bike Ride Comeback

Well, I just got back from my first real bike ride in a year. The new bike is really, really nice. It’s a road bike, not a tri bike (I’ll be getting that next year). It’s a carbon frame, and really solid and quiet. Quite the nice ride.

Due to this mornings shenanigans with getting the bike all ready to go, I didn’t leave until around noon, and so the ride was in 95-100 degree weather the whole way and although I was only supposed to go out for one hour per my coach’s instructions I ended up going a little far and my ride ended up being 1:47. I drank four 20 oz bottles and had two Gus, so I was definitely losing liquids, but I felt great the whole way, despite my legs and nether regions being a bit soft. Can’t wait to toughen up a little and start doing longer rides.